15 Best Honeymoon Destinations In USA You Can Hit Up This Season


A breath taking destination, scented candles, romantic dinner and damn you have a perfect honeymoon set up. What more would one need? The wish to create a perfect, memorable and exhilarating scrapbook is now going to come true. Yay! It’s time to fulfill your honeymoon bucket list or create one if you haven’t yet, cause these places can give you travel goals. we gathered 15 Best Honeymoon Destinations In USA you can hit up this season.

So get your bags ready and launch your excitement, for I bring to you these 15 destinations you can visit for a dream honeymoon.These super beautiful paradises are bound to leave you spellbound with their intoxicating aura and thrill.

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15 Best Honeymoon Destinations In USA You Can Hit Up This Season.

1. Miami, Florida

Vacay and no Florida? You gotta be kidding me, man! With its sparkly nightlife, you almost feel like you’ve escaped into another world. Take your better half to shopping, or turn to recreational spots. From entertainment to culture, you spell it and Mimi has it. PS: Don’t miss the famous  ‘All Day Café’.

And for an enthusiastic memory, Miami holds an annual Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade each year along NW 54th Street on a route from NW 12th Avenue to NW 32nd Avenue. It ends with a celebration at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park. The Miami Airport being one of the busiest international airports serves a non-stop flying connectivity to almost all of the US airports. The road and rail facility can be used from the near suburbs.

2. Hawaii

It would be such a pleasure to call Hawaii as a far flung paradise. With those beaches, alluring beauty, and oops not to forget the enticing coral reefs that pull us towards the adventure it holds. If you fancy volcanoes, you have a plenty to see. With its island style, floating all by itself, it happens to be one of the unique destinations for people seeking something different. For a calm and subtle evening, sunrises and sunsets are so spectacular that they are a cause for celebration all by themselves. The Honolulu airport is a good option if thinking of flying or there is a big network of Interstate highways connecting each other.

3. Savannah, Georgia

Come fall in love with the surreal and charming vibe of Savannah. You are going to be smitten by the architecture, the famous Spanish moss, and the cobblestone streets. Perfect getaway for a romantic date with seldom kisses and feel yourself melt into the amazing blend of history, culture, and romance. The Bonaventure Cemetery is a must visit. If planning to visit Savannah, you can either take up the major interstate highways that cross different states and cities or various major airlines such as Delta, US Airways, American Express have their connectivity. Hop Up people, the plane’s taking off!

4. Portland, Louisiana

Tune into a very a lively and fun-filled Portland. With biking being a big time attraction, all you need to do is rent a bike and hurray! you’re ready to cruise around the city. A weekend or a mini 3-5 days trip to Portland can bring to you many attractive art galleries and FOOD! Go on a lunch date and admire the place. Wait! Did I miss the craft beer? You wouldn’t dare miss it, trust me. Interstate buses and trains are a big catch to the transport facility In Portland and the Portland Aerial Tram connects the South Waterfront district with OHSU.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

If looking for a laid-back, settled honeymoon place, Louisiana has something for you. “laisser les bon temps rouler,” or “let the good times roll” is what the city strives for. Hold the hand of your loved one, sing ‘One and Only’ by Adele and walk down the French Quarter or a hit jazz club or stroll the Bourbon Street. New Orleans has several regional airports located throughout the metropolitan area. With a good number of interstate route highways, the connectivity to Louisiana is pretty simplified. Rent a car or buy a ticket, take a nap and New Orleans is here.

6. New York

To an epic New York night, with sitting on the roof sipping beer and watching the city stir into a never ending affair. Too cute to miss eh? You step in NYC, yearning for everything you could possibly experience. So for the starters, watch the Statue of Liberty standing high, roam around streets. Once you feel getting attracted towards it like a magnet, hit the subway and race to the lengths. This city has everything for couples to do. The Kardashians too, like literally! Being the most busiest and the largest population state in The United States, name a city and NYC has a flight, a bus or even a train for you.

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Winter here? Take a trip to Jackson Hole dear! Your ultimate destination to an adventure filled winter. Put on your ski gears and get down the slopes or tighten the shoe laces and hike to that big rocky mountain. A perfect escape to all your worries and stews. Calm your senses with an exotic spa or just rent a resort and cuddle cute. The hot air balloons are a good for secret surprises *wink wink*

8. Big Sur, California

Imagine walking to a table for two, through a lightened path, petals splattered all over and your lover by your side that too on a beach. What a romantic sight to watch. And what if you can experience it? Yes! Pack your bags and run to Big Sur. Its fog-banked canyons and meadows are everything that call for a vacation.The gray whales migrate past twice a year and come across some of the country’s most exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean just along California’s coastline.

9. Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! This list of amazing honeymoon getaways will be incomplete without this blast of a place. Who wouldn’t know about the night life of Vegas? The shimmery fairy lights, the shining bright neon lights are such a pull that nobody can resist. The casinos are a big time attraction. Its hypnotizing fortune, the lifestyle and everything you could possibly think off.  My bragging wouldn’t still express that seduction well. See and believe. Two major freeways – Interstate 15 and Interstate 515/U.S. Route 95 – cross in downtown Las Vegas. I-15 connects Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Also, the McCarran International Airport handles international and domestic flights into the Las Vegas Valley. Why the delay people?

10. Chicago, Illinois

A city of skyscrapers sprawled all over, and a home to sweet love.  A surprisingly awesome place for the couples to hang out. There is culture, food and a homely vibe you just can’t avoid. No time spent here is ever wasted hang on to me with that. The Hancock building gives the best view of the city from its 95th floor, freaking 95th floor! Thank me when you are there. Pick a train to the Chicago Union Station, or take a flight to O’Hare International Airport. The easiest of all.

11. Charleston, South Carolina

Wish to revisit into the old school romance? The carriage ride will take you across the gorgeous town, with its culture and architecture. You will feel love is in the air and the luxurious mansions and places will leave you speechless. Charleston has its connectivity with most of the cities with various road routes or you can even book a flight to the Charleston International Airport.

12. Napa, California

The honeymoon is a great time to explore something different and vibrant altogether. One such place is Napa Valley situated in California. It is known as every wine lovers destination. The farm fresh wines are so tempting that you’d never miss out on any of its varieties. With exotic resorts and awesome food, discover the grandeur of this place. “Everything is better with some wine in the belly”, see even Tyrion Lannister knows it. The Napa Valley of can be reached through various state highways connecting California and the Napa County Airport is a general aviation airport located just south of the City of Napa.

13. Cape Cod, Massachusets

When in Massachusetts don’t miss the Cape Cod. A perfect blend of natural beauty and architecture that leaves everyone in awe. With its windy beaches, glowing dunes and historical characters are perfect summer attractions. Lighthouses are a must see for they give another star your memorable honeymoon.Visiting Cape Cod is not much of a problem as it facilitates all kinds of transportation modes.

14. San Juan Islands

I always wanted to dare whale watching.You too? Then head over to San Juan Island for Lime Kiln Point State Park is the perfect place for whale watching. And I have more for you- Pelindaba Lavender Farm, a lifetime supplier of the purple plant and a what if you get freshly made cheese? If you love cheese, don’t miss this place! There are no bridges to the San Juan Islands; therefore, all travel from the mainland is either by water or by air. Passenger-only ferries are the preferred ones and there are a few airlines providing air transportation.

15. Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada

Stand in the clear waters and see the fishes go all around or if you wish to stay indoors you can hit up the 24/7 casinos or the sparkly nightlife is just perfect. You can enjoy swimming or take up kayaking and even winter has something for you. What is better than throwing snow at each other or going skiing!!

Lake Tahoe can be reached directly by car, and indirectly by train or air. You can reach Lake Tahoe under ideal conditions within two hours from the Sacramento area, one hour from Reno or thirty minutes from Carson City.

So? What are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and see the magical destinations leave you all swooning and smiling.

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These are 15 Best Honeymoon Destinations In USA You Can Hit Up This Season, stay tuned with Shaky Facts for more!

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