11 Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels


Hello, everyone Today I am going to share the side effects of wearing high heels shoes. If you don’t know what are the side effects of wearing high heels? and you are searching for it then you are in right place.

High heels have long been a symbol of style and sensuality for ladies. Even many celebrities are wearing high heels shoes. High heels are good for all those people who have a short height and suffer from an inferiority complex in front of good height women.

11 Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels - Shaky Facts


High heels shoe is a necessary fashion accessory for all ladies across the world. But do you know these 11 Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels? This article gives you good healthy reasons why you should not wear high heels.

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11 Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels

1. Foot Pain

11 Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels - Shaky Facts


High heels or stilettos are looks fashionable the reason behind this is their design and shape which is unique. When you wear high heels for the whole day, it makes uncomfortable. You mostly like to suffer from foot ache or sharp pain in your toes.

2. Lower Back Pain


For women, high heels are the ultimate fashion statement. They are usually stylish and elegant and sexy. Both comfort and high heels don’t go well together. Your feet don’t get the complete support from the heels. It may result in unequal distribution of weight. It leads to pain in the lower back, soreness, and inflammation.

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3. Knee Pain


Iowa State University conducted a study, the result came from this study is that wearing of high heel shoes may increase the risk of joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis.

When we wear high heels, the awkward curvature of the leg places worthless pressure on the knee joint. It can conduct “osteoarthritis” in many people.

4. Sore Calves


Sore calf muscles are another negative side effects of wearing high heels. It can also lead to protruding veins, which look dreadful as well as are extremely hurting as well.

5. Crooked Feet


Another side effect of wearing high heels shoe is getting the crooked foot or Hammer Toe. when you wear high heels your’s foot comes in the unnatural position for long hours which may cause strain in the calves, blood vessels, and back. This may cause a deformity to the foot, called hammertoe.

6. Hyperextension In Toes

Another adverse effect of wearing high heels all the time may lead to Hyperextension In Toes that is, it fixes your toe in permanent hyperextension.

7. Tendon Problems


Tendon problems occur to those who wear high heels more than 5 days a week, heels might shrink your calf muscle fibers by about 13%!!

As per the Journal of Experimental Biology, due to overuse of high heels, it causes tendon problems and can also thicken your Achilles tendon.

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8. Ankle Sprains


Your wardrobe can be glamour and fascination because of its classic design. Wearing high heels is suitable only if you are walking on even or plain surfaces, not rough surfaces. Potholes, bumps, and cobblestones have the potential to cause killjoy waiting for you to slip and sprain your ankle.

Beside from the ankle sprain, any fall like this can also lead to bruised elbows, fractures, and broken ankles. Avoid wearing stilettos or high heels on daily basis. On the off chance that your footwear fixation doesn’t abandon you, at that point wear high heels only on special occasions.

9. Awkward Spinal Curve


Fashionistas have their impulses and likes. The vast majority of them wear stilettos or high heels keeping in mind the end goal is to display their hourglass figure. Not realizing that high heels can make the lower back curve out more than it should.

In fact, The high heel’s height is directly proportional to the degree of the curve in your back. The cumbersome curve can cause agonies in the upper and lower back regions.

10. Constricts Blood Vessels

Women who are acquainted with wearing high heels shoes usually make the feet appear longer and thinner. The shape of shoes in such a way that it squeezes the foot into a position which isn’t natural. This causes stress on your foot can result in a constricted blood flow. In extreme cases, wearing high heels may cause the blood vessels to break.

11. Weakens Ligaments

Another disadvantage of wearing high heels is that it can weaken your ligaments. Therefore, You must skip the glam-looking footwear in order to protect your feet from any injury.

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After reading the side effects of wearing high heels, do you still want to go for these high heel shoes? High heels make your legs look glamorous. But wearing high heels for a long time in a day makes you tired and comfortable.

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These are 11 Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels, stay tuned with Shaky Facts for more!


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