15 Youngest And Most Beautiful WWE Divas Of All Times


Beautiful women have been leading the scene at WWE ever since time. Forget about Nikki Bella and how she ruled and is still ruling the entire industry, it’s time for other new, youngest and the freshest beautiful faces to come in power; faces that will be called Divas. While there have been a number of female WWE stars ruling the industry and calling it quits over a period of time; there are those who never really left and are still sitting on the throne. Leaving aside Beth Phoenix, AJ Lee, Melina, and many more who have been flag bearers for some time and left or quit making way for giving a fair chance to these ladies in the list. We gathered the list of 15 Youngest And Most Beautiful WWE Divas Of All Times.

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15 Youngest And Most Beautiful WWE Divas Of All Times

1. Lana aka CJ Perry 

Lana has been around WWE for quite a few years now but she’s ruled a million hearts over a short period of time. She is a huge hit with the WWE audience and proves to be a superstar. She is a beast in the ring and shares a lot of similarities with Nicki Bella.


2. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair, the so-called new Nikki Bella. But as all things come to an end, the Nikki Bella era also came to an end, and it was carried ahead by Charlotte. Charlotte is one of a kind, she conquers the ring with just her microphone. Move over, Nikki!


3. Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose came into the picture with the commencement of WWE’s latest incarnation of the renowned, Tough Enough, the competition reality show with the journey of finding the next WWE Superstar. She developed a lot of following there and joined former WWE Divas Champion Paige. This shows how determined she is to make a lifelong pact with the audience.


4. Alexa Bliss

There’s nothing as evil and deliriously impacting as a beautiful woman in the ring! Alexa is the best example. She is so versatile and endlessly gorgeous plus with the youngest body to nail anyone down in the ring, she is a winner.


5. Billie Kay

Billie Kay has been wrestling for over years now and became a staple in the ring along with her friend Peyton Royce. She has hands-on ring skills along with being really sexy on the microphone.


6. Naomi

Speaking of women who know exactly how to rock, Naomi is the name. She might not be the youngest but has recently come into the ring as her own being a standout performer in the WWE women’s division.


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7. Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville, however, is added to this list but she is way superior when it comes to Nikki Bella. She is far more intense and different, enough to stand out from the crowd at WWE.


8. Ruby Riott

While talking about Sonya Deville we mentioned how different she is, but it is to be mentioned highly, that Ruby Riott is way ahead Sonya. She is more than just looks, she might just punch you in your face.


9. Lacey Evans

The next newbie, Lacey manages to look the part of the WWE Diva clan and yet, stand out.


10. Liv Morgan 

Ruby Riott’s sidekick, Liv Morgan is beautiful, colorful and is blessed with a great personality. She also knows how to command the ring exclusively well.


11. Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega isn’t just a manager but is highly skilled in the ring. She shares a lot of resemblances when it comes to looks with the ever gorgeous Bella.


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12. Carmella

The self-proclaimed Princess of Staten Island is loved for being an awesome mouthpiece. What makes us count her on the list is her work and efforts towards growing into a successful wrestler.


13. Nia Jax

Niz Jax is a true antonym of being a wrestler. Not in a negative manner but when we talk about WWE divas, all we picture is a hit body and hands-on ring skills. Nia is nothing like the other girls and that is exactly what sets her apart and standing out of the crowd with the flag.


14. Peyton Royce

Peyton is an unmatched beauty and that according to us is the one thing that can bring her a lot of success when it comes to WWE.


15. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is without a shadow of a doubt the most famous female sports star in the world. She is the reason why WWE decided to play a chance with the existence of WWE Divas and Universe.


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These are 15 Youngest And Most Beautiful WWE Divas Of All Times, stay tuned with Shaky Facts for more!

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